Welcome to Your Classic Boat, we greatly appreciate your interest! Please note that although there are a number of featured boats shown below, all of our boats are listed in the column to the right! Whether you are1953 18 Greavette Dispro 121 300x233 HOME considering purchasing or selling – or just need some advice (!),  we specialize in only the better boats , wood or fiberglass, new or old, antique or classic. Regardless of the age, make, or model, the boats we sell or locate must  first pass muster with us – or we just don’t get involved! Let us find just the right one for your needs and lifestyle – or a new home for your present one. Best regards,  See you on the water !

Miss America IX 2 300x188 HOMEBefore you view some of the finest boats available in the Country, please look at this photo of long time family friend, Chuck Mistele driving the legendary  Miss America IX , the only operating Gar Wood racer of its kind in the world, two time defender of the Harmsworth Trophy in the  early 1930’s  as well as the very first boat to lap 100 MPH in a race!  Owners Chuck & Diane Mistele continue to keep Miss America IX in magnificent condition. I had the  opportunity, & great pleasure to have an unforgettable ride with Chuck and his Dad, nearly 40 years ago while I was photographing her for Sports Illustrated.  She is not for sale of course, but take a look at      http://www.missamericaix.com/   Enjoy!

Scroll down  ( all the way!)  over  our featured boats below – remember that we have these and many other premium offerings in our Current Boat Inventory list located on the right of this and every page.  Come back often, as our inventory is always changing! Also, before you leave our site please view our Resources, Links & Neat Stuff section.  Like our boats, this page is devoted to only the best firms & info available, all personally used,  reviewed & recommended by us! Whether buying, selling, or just researching I think you’ll like it!

9889 HOME

Miss Arrowhead 01 HOME


Miss Arrowhead   is perhaps the rarest & most unique Chris Craft in existence!  In the nine years preceding Pearl Harbor, Chris Craft built just 62 of the 27’ Triple Cockpit Runabouts.  Over   those  production  years, the 27’ Custom got more expensive, more luxurious and  what became known  as the “barrel back”  stern  became more pronounced. This is the only existing example of the just two that were built. Fully equipped, very well documented and we have much more info & many photos available. Period correct, historically accurate and simply magnificent in every respect. Please go to our page and take a look…   You will not see another like her!  1940 27’ Chris Craft Racing Runabout


montage HOME

Grand-Craft started in Holland, Michigan a few years  after Chris Craft built its last wooden boat in 1972,  with a number of  ex – Chris Craft woodworkers on board. They were greatly responsible for  both the resurgence and  new production of hand crafted wooden boats by combining the  craftsmanship of that bygone era with the latest construction technology.       2007 24’ Grand Craft

1959 24 Chris Craft Sportsman 01 HOMEThe last of the storied line of the “big”  Chris Craft  Sportsman were produced  in 1959 & 1960 and only 149 were built. New to the market, this  1959 24 footer is a lovely example of this rare & hard to find classic. An outstanding family boat!  1959 Chris Craft Sportsman


In 1974Chris Craft revived  their classic mid 1960’s 22’ lapstrake Dory in fiberglass as the 22’ Tournament Fisherman. Elegant and beautiful,  with a lovely  Down East sheer line and lots of freeboard for a safe, dry & very seaworthy ride in all conditions, Extensive & expensive multi-year restoration! 1975 Chris Craft Tournament Fisherman

1970 58 Chris Craft Roamer 11 HOME

 Shall we prepare a gourmet meal, go for cruise or just cuddle up with a good book next to the fireplace?  How about all three!  Truly the Flagship of the  Chris Craft line were the big aluminum hulled Roamers. We are proud to offer this magnificent example of the just 30  of the 58 footers ever built!  1970 58′ Chris Craft Roamer

2007 Fish Brothers 20 151 HOME


Showroom Perfect! Exquisite example of the iconic 1941 Chris Craft Custom   was built by my old friend & foremost builders of these boats in the USA – Pete Fish.  2007 Chris Craft Barrel Back 

1957 23 Chris Craft Continentalr 08 Copy HOMEThe magnificent 23’ Chris Craft Continental – Excellent restoration of this truly great model.  We have a long list of improvements & there are some  very special features on this one. The Continentals were the best appointed & most expensive of the Chris Craft utilities ever built.  Don’t miss this one…    1957 Chris Craft Continental

1952 22 Chris Craft Sportsman 28 HOME

Remember  Hepburn and  Fonda in “On Golden Pond” ?  To the general public, no boat more epitomizes a “Chris-Craft” than the iconic and justly famous U-22.  We just sold two and are delighted to offer our latest 22′ Sportsman, available now for the first time!  1952 Chris Craft Sportsman

1941 22 Chris Craft Sportsman 05 HOMEThough sometimes referred to as a “Sportsman”  this is a rare example of the last Pre-War 22′ Chris Craft DeLuxe Utilities produced. In 1946 it was re-named and   became the iconic  U-22  “Sportsman”  and built through 1954.   Absolutely no expense has been spared on her restoration.  Truly  stunning!      1941 22′ Chris Craft DeLuxe Utility

1952 42 Chris Craft DCFB 07 HOME

New on the market  Offered for the first time is this lovely 42′ Chris Craft Double Cabin Fly Bridge.  Cruise, sleep or just enjoy in classic elegance. Just a great boat, in great condition and at a great price!  1952 Chris Craft Double Cabin

1996 25 Gar Wood Streamliner 08 HOME

New to the market!  One of just two in existence and the only one  currently available, “Serendipity” is a 25’ Gar Wood Streamliner custom built by our long time friends, the Turcotte brothers at Gar Wood Custom Boats.  Cruise in safety & elegance with the whole family – and friends! Best of Show quality in every way.  1996 25’ Gar Wood Streamliner Thunder2006 OrangeCrate 300x177 HOME

The legendary Jersey Speed Skiff –      One of just 3 hulls known to exist today that were built by National Champion Fred Zbranak of Linden, New Jersey. “Orange Crate” is in Bristol condition and ready to go!      Jersey Speed Skiff


Titanic Restored!  Okay, she’s not the White Star liner but she is indeed restored! Owned by the same family since purchased used in the early 1960’s, this  lovely 13’ cedar lapstrake double ended skiff has a 2 HP air cooled Lausen engine.                                   1956 13′ Lapstrake Skiff

2013 31 Van Dam 02 HOMEOne of a kind – Van Dam Custom Boats designed and built this 31′ custom trunk cruiser to handle the rough waters of the Great Lakes in elegance, comfort and safety. Her beautifully appointed  cabin offers a  full galley with microwave, refrigerator, enclosed head, and abundant storage. Exquisite!     2013 Van Dam Trunk Cabin Cruiser

1962 22 Gaghe Hacker 02 HOME

One of my personal favorites – Not too long before his death in 1961 at the age of 84, legendary naval architect   John L.  Hacker designed and tested a 22’ and 26’ runabout for the Gage family at Gage Marine on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Partnering with Gage, these were the last boats  Hacker designed!   1965 22′ Gage-Hacker

                                                                      2008 26 Hacker 041 300x225 HOME    This 2008 custom built Hackercraft 26′ triple cockpit  combines the unequaled styling of John L. Hacker from the 1930′s with today’s state of the art finishes, power and construction technology. Boathouse kept, fresh water only and under 150 hrs. 2008 26′ HackerCraft

1936 25 Chris Craft Roll Deck 10 300x225 HOME

                                                                             Built for J.P.Morgan, Jr. and owned by a long time family friend, Grand Dame is now available for the first time in over 50 years. A rare & unique boat in magnificent condition with custom tri axle trailer. This is one of the few 25′ “Roll Decks” remaining. Proudly offered to the discriminating buyer. 1936 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit

1949 34 Chris Craft Express 07 300x206 HOME


 We are absolutely delighted to offer this custom ordered 1949 Chris Craft Express! Lovingly restored, meticulously maintained with sweet running ML engines & a long list of upgrades – enjoyed for many years by a large active family!           1949 34′ Chris Craft Express Cruiser


1941 24 Gar Wood American 10 300x225 HOMEI have been involved with classic wooden boats for over 40 years& I have only seen 2 of this particular model , the 1941 Gar Wood American. In excellent user condition, she has a new 5200 bottom done in 2004 & this boat is equally at home in fresh or salt water – no worries! The other one I know of is not for sale for love or money! Check her out at 1941 24′ Gar Wood American

1927 27 Fay Bowen Long Deck 01 1024x701 HOMEProudly offered -the best of the best – Without question, this is the  finest example of this model  in existence and may well  be quite the finest Fay & Bowen of  any  vintage available anywhere. “Keego” is a multi show & award winner; sleek, elegant,  all mahogany,  and an absolute heartstopper!    1927  27′ Fay & Bowen Long Deck Launch

1981 23 Streblow 02 300x225 HOMEStreblow  Custom Boats has been family owned and operated for three generations. Having designed, hand crafted and produced over 500 boats, they remain highly prized by collectors and loyal long time  Streblow  owners!  Please go to our page for some more photos & information- she’s a beauty!   1981 23′ Streblow

1907 26 Fay Bowen Aida II 01 300x180 HOME                                                                      Aida II – First time offered She may well be the most famous, but at the very least, certainly  the most recognizable  Fay & Bowen in the Country is Aida II!  At 105 years old she is without question something quite special &  I have had the pleasure to ride in and pilot this boat on more than a few occasions. 1907 26′ Fay & Bowen Aida II

1981 24 Skiff Craft 01 300x225 HOMESkiff Craft was started in 1904 in Canada by Victor and Stanley Henry as the Henry Boat Company. Building hand crafted boats ever since,  they relocated to Ohio in 1959, renaming the firm as Skiff Craft and continues to build outstanding boats to this very day!  She  has been  very well cared for and was completely refinished.                      1981 24′ Skiff Craft

1927 27 Fay Bowen Meg 08 HOMELooking for a new home –  One of our two  1927 27′  Fay & Bowen Long Decks, this one features the traditional painted   hull and mahogany decks.  One of the nicest I have seen, priced right and as good as they get! Covers and a sturdy triple axle trailer are included. This is a real beauty, folks!     1927 27′ Fay & Bowen

                                                                                                                                                             untitled95 300x201 HOME

From 1929 until 1935, the Dwight Lumber Company of Detroit built the ” Dee Wite” line of boats. Mostly runabouts, barrel backs & torpedo sterns, they were some of the most stylish and advanced boats of the day!   I am pretty impressed with this one.  1931 19′ Dee Wite

1927 Chris Craft Cadet 03 HOMEJust Listed!  This is a lovely example of the 1927 22’  Chris Craft Cadet. A true representative of   the  “Gatsby Age”.  More photos and  history are  available. Take a close look at her – It’s a real favorite of mine!  1927 22′ Chris Craft Cadet #1 

1953 18 Greavette Dispro 01 300x225 HOME

The Greatest Little Motor Boat Afloat  That’s how it was originally advertised & “Chelsea Rose” is definitely one of the very nicest  models  currently available. Please go to our offering page and take a  good look. Some  very interesting info & history here. How cool is this boat? She’s not for everyone.  but for the right person, a great acquisition!   1953 Greveatte Dispro

1963 25 Lyman Hardtop Sleepert 05 HOMEI have owned three Lymans and sold dozens over many years. Getting harder & harder to find, I believe Lymans are the best value  in classic boating. The justly famous Lyman soft ride has never been equaled! Here are some more beauties!                                            1963 25′ Lyman Sleeper         1962    21′ Lyman Utility      1963 25′ Lyman Hardtop

your classic boat CC2 HOMELate Model Chris Crafts – we scour the Country for these exquisite “new classics” and sell more each year than anyone. As always, we only offer the best! Tell us about yours!                                                                                                                                                                Best Priced, Best Equipped Available                                                                                          2012 Chris Craft Catalina 23                                                                                                              Limited Edition                                                                                                                                      2008 Chris Craft Lancer 20                                                                                                                   Rare Forest Green                                                                                                                                   2004 Chris Craft Launch 22                                                                                                                   Please  look  at our “Recently Sold” column to the right for our recent late model Chris Craft  sales. I have many, many  hours in these in both fresh water as well as way offshore. From the 20′ Lancer up to the 45′ Roamer,  I just love ’em & have sold & piloted them all! Check back often – we add more regularly – but they won’t last!    

1965 28 Chris Craft Sea Skiff 01 HOMEChris Craft’s Sea Skiff Division was launched in 1954 and continued with enormous success for the next 15 years.  Lapstrake or “Clinker Built” construction has been used since the Vikings – over  1000 years ago – and remains  particularly  well suited for rougher water. A number of  smaller American builders produced  some very fine ones for many, many decades but Chris  Craft got  quite tired  of losing sales to them – especially  to Lyman!     1965 28’ Chris Craft Sea Skiff     1966  28’ Chris Craft Seahawk                                                               

1948 17 Chris Craft DeLuxe 073 300x225 HOME2014, The year of the DeLuxe?

We have sold three 17’ Chris Craft DuLuxe Runabouts in the last 12 months!  Here are two more we are   offering for the  first time!      1947 17′ Chris Craft DeLuxe Runabout         1948 17′ Chris Craft DeLuxe Runabout


1947 25 Chris Craft Sportsman 07 HOME

Queen of the Fleet –  the magnificent 25′ Chris Craft Sportsman, the most expensive and prestigious Chris-Craft built after WWII. We are offering two of the finest!  We had a 1947  25′  Sportsman back in the mid ’70’s & have regretted selling her ever since!  By the way our 1947 is in the foreground of the photo above.                                                                    1947 25′ Chris Craft Sportsman                         1948 25′ Chris Craft Sportsman                         

1956 42 Matthews Martinique 12 HOME

Rare & Elegant – The lovely 42′ Matthews Martinique.  Of only seven  manufactured in 1956 and 1957, just two are known to exist today – and the only other one is definitely not for sale!      1956 42′ Matthews Martinique                                                                                                                                                                                                 

1928 26 Chris Craft Flat Deck 02 1024x768 HOMEOwner reducing his collection of absolute world class classic boats. Likely the finest example  in existence of an already rare model, the 26′ Chris Craft “Flat Deck”. A truly  remarkable restoration with extensive history and documentation available.                     1928 26′ Chris Craft Triple Cockpit

                                                                                    2014 28 Sutphen Sportfish CC2 289x300 HOME

The 5th and final  28’ Diesel Center Console hand built by Richie Sutphen is now available for purchase!  Few people in the  industry have a pedigree that even approaches my friend, Richie. She tops out over 50 MPH, just sips fuel and has  a range of over 400 miles.  Do yourself a favor & get in touch with me.                 2014 28′ Sutphen Center Console                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

2008 SeaDoo Challenger 230SE 081 HOME

Selling my buddy’s  23′ Jet Boat!  New to the market  with very low hours, loaded with accessories, seats up to 12.  The boat & trailer  have been beautifully maintained and there is no better one available anywhere !  2008 SeaDoo Challenger  

2009 DodgeChallenger SRT8 02 HOME

My best friend is out on his boat as I write this!  He’s now looking at a bigger boat so it’s time to part with the car! Though I’m definitely  your man for classic boats, this owner is the car expert –  let me put you in touch with him!  2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8

                             9889 HOME                           The  featured boats  above are just some of our boats. Please look at our “Current  Boat Inventory” list on the top/right of any page for our complete selection. Check back often as our stock ( and the “featured”  boats shown on this page ) change often!  

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