Building your boat… If  “only new will do” we’d  appreciate the opportunity to speak with you!  Whether it is a “one off”   custom design from keel to fittings or an exquisite reproduction of  a classic  Chris-Craft, Gar Wood, Hacker, or others we would be quite happy  to point you in the right direction!

The grace of  classic design and the unequaled beauty, ambiance and ride of  wood construction combine with modern power, systems and construction techniques to create these new classics at a level of quality, reliability and performance  never  dreamed of in days gone by.                     Here are four of my favorites!

van dam

In my opinion, without question one the finest custom boat builders in the Country.  Their staff, design capabilities, craftsmanship and work ethic are simply amazing. Each boat is  a one of a kind.  See why some of the most respected Naval Architects in the world – including the great Michael Peters – work with Van Dam when it comes to creating a new classic from wood. We are happy to be currently offering a lovely 31 footer from Van Dam!



In their time, Gar Wood motorboats left all competition in their wake, winning the coveted Harmsworth Trophy year after year. Today’s Gar Woods, as powerful as they are beautiful, are sure to make your heart race.  Our friends, the renowned Turcotte brothers have applied technological advancements in marine engines and boat construction to make classically styled, mahogany watercraft that are as thrilling to drive as they are to look at, in the tradition of Garfield Arthur Wood himself. We are happy to be currently offering one of their very best!

Fish Brothers23

I have known and worked with Pete Fish for over 30 years and after building more than 130 boats and restoring countless others,  Fish Brothers are rightly considered one of the finest wooden boat builders in the Country. Gold Cup Racers, GarWoods,  Hackers, and their specialty – Chris Craft –  have  been carefully hand crafted  by them for discriminating customers across the USA.  In fact, they have built more “Barrel Backs”   than  anyone in the Country – far more. We are also delighted to be currently offering a great example of their craftsmanship!


For nearly 40 years, the incomparable Hugh Saint and his son-in-law Tom Stovall have been producing  hand crafted classics designed by some of America’s greatest Naval Architects including the famous 36′ Commuter Rumrunner, shown on this page. Here’s our current offering  – an “oldie but a goodie”  built by Hugh Saint Marine

 Remember… ” if only new will do “, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!         Click here to request more info!      Or call  239-233-5541