logo NEW WOODEN BOATSBuilding your boat… If  “only new will do” we’d  appreciate the opportunity to speak with you! Exquisite reproductions of  classic Chris-Craft, Gar Wood, Hacker, and others are available through YourClassicBoat.  We also work closely with our clients  to develop designs for  fully custom, “one-off”  boats – unique from the keel to the fittings!  The grace of  classic design and the unequalled ride of plank-on-frame wood construction combine with modern power, systems and construction techniques to create these new classics at a level of quality, reliability and performance never  dreamed of in days gone by!

After building over 130 boats and restoring countless others over the last 30 years, Fish Brothers are rightly considered one of the finest wooden boat builders in the Country – or any country for that matter! Gold Cup Racers, Chris-Crafts, GarWoods, Hackers, and others have all been magnificently reproduced by them for discriminating customers around the world and we have sold more than a few!

I am a bit biased, as I have known Peter for over 30 years and he & his brothers are not just “one of the best” , they are just the best, period! Contact us to discuss  about building your new Runabout, Utility,  Gentleman’s Racer , Gold Cup  Raceboat, or we’ll design  a “one off”. Don’t be bashful – ask us for an owner’s list and references!

Chris Craft BarrelBack by Fish Bros NEW WOODEN BOATS

It just sold but please view our latest Fish Brothers offering here!

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