Financing  Interest rates are very competitive and funding is quick, easy, & readily available — and that’s good news for people interested in financing their new or pre-owned boat! We work with a number of lenders to obtain the most competitive rates and terms possible. Oftentimes application, loan approval and release of funds can be accomplished in just a few short days. Financing is available with terms up to 20 years or more, depending on the amount of the loan, down payment, age & type of boat and credit score. Please remember that financing is available for just about any boat of any age!

Surveys and Inspections  Your new boat may be 80 years old or built last year! If you feel a Marine Survey is in order we would be happy to locate qualified Surveyors in your area or wherever your prospective purchase may be located. A quick note about wooden boats. Just because a surveyor has the proper credentials does not necessarily mean that they are particularly comfortable with wooden boats.  Let’s make sure you have the right people involved.  

Transporting   Big or small, here or abroad, we have been involved with delivering boats Nationwide and Overseas for many years. Though fuel prices have risen in recent years, Chris Craft Transporttransport prices have gotten very competitive! Don’t necessarily rule out a great opportunity just because the boat is 2000 miles away. Again, with the right people involved you can  be assured that your boat will be propery inspected, secured and delivered to your door without you losing any sleep! Okay, maybe  just a little sleep… just kidding folks. Give us a call!   

Documentation Whether buying or selling, proper documentation is essential. As a Seller make sure that your boat ( and trailer if necessary) title and/or registration is available and in good order. Different States have different requirements for registration purposes so do your homework in advance! I can not tell you how many times an otherwise  great transaction has be complicated ( or lost! ) by last minute documentation issues. As a Buyer, you don’t need or want these issues to become your problems! We are also pretty effective in addressing Coast Guard documentation and CE certification for deliveries to Europe so please take advantage of our years of experience! 

Insurance  Although  insurance is not necessarily mandatory unless your new boat is financed, I am sure that we can agree that it’s a very good idea indeed! There are a number of firms that specialize in Antique & Classic boats as well. We would be happy to point you in the right direction so  kindly feel free to contact us anytime.  


Repair & Restoration  We work with shops all over the Country! If you are having trouble finding the right people to do your work, drop us a line. From minor repairs to complete restoration and refitting, please make sure your boat is in the right hands. A classic boat, bought right, is actually a good investment – it’s the only segment of the market that isn’t going backwards!


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