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 Antique & Classic Boat Society  The Antique & Classic Boat Society (ACBS)  started on an island in Lake George, NY nearly 40 years ago  and  has grown   into largest organization in the world devoted to the boats we all love.  With now well over 5000 members and 54 Chapters , the ACBS is a tremendous resource for any & all aspects of Antique & Classic Boating. Their magazine, “The Rudder” is a definite  keeper. Besides, my Mother (passed at 90 this March, ACBS Life Member and active til the end)  was the first editor – known way back when, as the “Rusty Rudder” – we wrote all the copy, took most of the photographs & I processed & printed them! Do you remember what an IBM Selectric typewriter was? By the way, we are members of the Adirondack, Chesapeake & Sunnyland Chapters.  The ACBS is an absolute must for any Classic Boater!         

Berkshire Wooden Boat    From rowboats to Rivas – and everything in between! Berkshire is in my opinion, the pre-eminent restoration firm in the region .They have been in business since 1990, with a 6500 Sq. Ft. shop located in western Massachusetts just 45 minutes southeast of Albany,NY. The gang at Berkshire Wooden Boat is not your typical boat yard staff, having degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Technology; Applied Mathematics; Computer Science and Art History and Restoration. They perform 2D and 3D computer modeling, lofting and detail drawing in houseas well. They are also one of the few places around that does sailboat work. Give Chris a call – their work is simply exquisite!   

Boat Bottoms  –  How is the bottom?  Whether buying, selling or just reflecting on the condition of your present boat, this question will come up all the time – as well it should! Repair, replace, traditional bottom ,   3M 5200 , WEST system, cold molding,  vacuum bagging? What the heck is all this stuff  and why is it so confusing ??!!    A real pain in the… bottom, right?  With apologies to GB Shaw,   “ If you laid all the classic boat experts in the world end-to-end, they would never reach a conclusion! “  Having said that, you may find the next three links of interest and if you’d like my 2 cents as well, please feel free to call or contact us any time at Click here to request more info!

Boat Bottoms – Clinker/Lapstrake   Used for centuries,  this construction method was and remains very popular for  sturdy,safe & dependable use, particularly in rough waters. The Lymans and Chris Craft Sea Skiffs were certainly the most successful  proponents of this great hull in the USA.  Naturally,  there is much  info  available but  good overview can be found  on Wikipedia  at  Clinker/ Lapstrake Construction

Boat Bottoms – GAF 5200 vs. “hard epoxy” This is one of the best explanations of wooden boat bottom concerns I have come across. Concise, comprehensive and extremely well written by a good  friend and long time restorer it is an absolute must read. Over the years, I have done this the easy way, the hard way, and the right way . Do yourself a huge favor and please skip the first two!!   ttp://

Boat Bottoms – WEST system   Fresh water, salt water, swelling, shrinking, leaking – if done properly, this system is pretty much impervious to everything. Might as well go to the source, the  famous Gougon Brothers!  There is a lot of info,  so get comfortable, pour a glass of wine & dig into all you need to know about this long popular & successful building approach. Here’s a link to their publications.

Century Boat Club –  Whether you own a Century or are just looking for information, this is a valuable resource about them – whether you join or not! Century started building outstanding pleasure boats, racers & some custom cruisers in 1929 – and like Chris Craft, one of the very few manufacturers that survived the Great Depression, World War II and all the conflicts and tribulations since.  

Chris Craft Antique Boat Club A great organization with an outstanding quarterly magazine, “The Brass Bell”.   Tremendous archives that grow daily and an absolute must for every  Chris Craft fan.   Join today!

Chris Craft Boats (New) I am not a Chris-Craft Dealer (though I used to be!)  and I am not on their payroll (though I’d like to be!) but please take a minute & go to their website.  Although I work with classics of all makes from all eras, I am probably first & foremost, a Chris- Craft guy & remain quite close to the Company’s management & their dealers to this day. Under Steve Julius & Steve Heese they have magnificently  restored a true American icon.  Here’s the real deal, folks….There is no better production boat built anywhere in the world today, & no designer that I respect more than Michael Peters.  I scour the country and sell 3-4 post 2000 Chris Crafts of all sizes  each year to clients who, for whatever reason,  don’t buy a new one.  If you are looking for something between  20 to 45 feet, do yourself a big favor & take a very close look at Chris-Craft.  If a new one just isn’t in the cards, please contact us. I have  literally 100’s of hours in the “new” Chris-Crafts – be assured, you will be in very good hands indeed.  Don’t be bashful…ask for customer references!    

ChristiCraft – Elegant gifts for the classic boat enthusiast  From Steve Thomas, one of the best classic boat restorers in the country  located out near  Lake Tahoe  – and by the way, a very good guy! Elegant, stylish, one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted nautically inspired  wooded handbags, accessories, models, & more.   Each and every item is a one of a kind work of art. Even birdhouses ….  and how cool is that?

Classic Fiberglass  Explore the unique and absolutely fascinating world of classic fiberglass boats. This is the go-to site for the collector, researcher or anyone interested in these remarkable boats.

Classic Marine Engines  Tired, old, worn out? Hold on a minute, I’m talking about your boat motor, not myself ! Many of my boats over the years have featured motors from Dave Van Ness whether repaired, rebuilt, restored or re-manufactured. There are a number of folks in this business but no one anywhere has more experience or a better pedigree than Van Ness Engineering. Chris Craft, Gray, Scripps, Chrysler  & more. This is your go to site for your vintage engine needs!

Classic Marine Gauges   –  Bob Dylan said “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”  True enough, but I suggest you don’t try to guess your oil pressure or temperature!  For restoration or replacement of your missing, damaged or just messed up gauges & instruments, Mark  Clawson  is the best in the biz !  His work has been in dozens of our classic boats over the years, always adding to their value and be assured, there is no one better anywhere! Classic car enthusiasts take note – he does those as well.

Gage Marine on Lake Geneva, WI -Gage Marine can trace its roots in Lake Geneva back to 1873! Still owned and operated by the Gage family with highly-trained service technicians, fiberglass shop, wood shop, metal shop, and a staff of 50 make Gage one of the most respected boatyards in the Nation. We are proud to serve as their Wood Boat Consultants!

Hagerty Insurance – Classic Boats & Cars    We have been working with them for many years and they are worth checking out. Great people to work with & they know their stuff!  Hagerty is the world’s leading provider of collector boat insurance. How did they get there? They were the first – and continue to be the best – to offer Agreed Value insurance for classic and wooden boats.

Lyman Boats – If you have spent any time at all  on my site, you know how I feel about Lymans! For “all things Lyman”  please check out this site. This is an  absolutely indispensable resource for these remarkable boats whether you are just getting started, or an “old hand” like myself.

Miss America IX   30’ Gar Wood  Owned by long time family friends, Chuck & Diane Mistele, it is the only operational Gar Wood race boat of its kind in the world, two time defender of the Harmsworth Trophy and the first racer to break 100 MPH! Owners Chuck & Diane continue to keep her in magnificent running condition.  I had the opportunity, honor & great pleasure to have an unforgettable ride in Miss America IX with Chuck and his Dad, nearly 40 years ago, while photographing it for Sports Illustrated.  She has been travelling to different boat shows for several years now with Chuck still at the helm and both boat & owners are running just fine! See her if you can…this  is a  special boat, owned by some very special people. Please visit their site and learn more about her. Don’t even think about it…she’s not for sale!         

Soundview Millworks-  Handcrafted nautical gift items & accessories We sold the owner’s lovely old  Chris Craft Cutlass for him. A great guy & a great craftsman. Check this site out… Nautically-inspired handcrafted carving, cheese, cutting boards and home accessories out of Mahogany and Maple woods with stainless steel boat cleats or horse bits since 2008. Owner, craftsman, and designer Grant Tankoos makes everything in his hometown of Darien, Connecticut.

Van Dam Custom Boats – Perhaps the finest custom boat builders in the Country. Their staff, design capabilities, craftsmanship and work ethic is simply amazing. Please take a look at their site –  you’ll see what I mean!

Wooden Boat Surveys – Now don’t get scared!  This is something we have done all the time. There is naturally a wealth of information available on the Internet regarding this subject, but here you can get a good idea of the scope & concerns regarding a Survey for your dream boat! Comprehensive and very well written by David Pascoe,  who clearly knows his stuff… 

Wooden Boat  Broadcast Video–  Quite a nice segment recently aired on CBS Sunday. Take a few minutes & enjoy the show!  Our long time colleague Matt Smith  ( linked just below) from Woody Boater does a great job as the “featured host”, don’t you think?  —

Woody Boater –  in·de·fat·i·ga·ble  adjective:  (of a person or their efforts) persisting tirelessly. A  great word and the perfect one  to describe the indefatigable  Matt Smith and the gang at Woody Boater. A  truly impressive resource. Tips, articles, comments, arcana, photos, comments, reviews, penchant observations, nifty links….the list goes on and on. I get exhausted even thinking about the work that goes into this enterprise. Check it out at

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